Nicolas Gabriel-Robez Consulting was founded in 1996 and is focusing on information security since 2001 and is embracing the highest information security management consulting and auditing standards.

The founder is an experienced information security professional with 20+ years of working experience in the field of information security. The consultants are holding several security certifications, and have conducted PCI DSS, GDPR, SWIFT CSP, information security and business continuity management -audits and -consultancy projects worldwide on behalf of large organisations and financial institutions.

Nicolas Gabriel-Robez Consulting have been leading ISO27001 implementation projects in various different organisations, and have the experience to successfully help you implement your information security management system independently of your organisation's size, industry or geographical location.

The consultants are recognised information security professionals and have received over the years in abundance positive customer feedback for leading and successfully implementing business driven information security projects within the agreed scope and schedule.

Other qualifications and professional experiences: delivering CISO as a Services, DPO as a Services, building and implementing bug bounty programs, hack day events and corporate exposure analysis projects, direct experience with large governmental and institutional IT integration projects, extensive experience with national and EU privacy regulations (GDPR), SWIFT CSP implementation and audit projects, several years of product management, global marketing and management training in the field of information security technologies such as VPN, SSH, and PKI and security frameworks such as ISO27001.

That's Nicolas Gabriel-Robez Consulting. The consulting company exist because it can look at client's businesses and associated risks and guide them to the smartest ways to protect themselves so that security does not get in the way of their actual business.

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